Going to a party isn’t just about the dress and hair – YOUR SELF MAKEUP is one of the key parts to accomplishing your extravagant look.

 Learning how to apply makeup isn’t as simple as it seems—and watching videos can’t give you depth knowledge.

"Complicated You Tube tutorials can only make you more confused. I recommend simple application sequence to all Girls for SELF MAKEUP."
Professional Makeup Artist
Shalinni Seyth
Professional Makeup Artist

Step 1 - Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face

The first step in your skin care routine is to wash your face with a face wash that is best suited to your skin type, all of which are formulated to rid the surface of your skin of impurities .Take a small amount of cleanser in your hand , then gently massage it and rinse off thoroughly and pat dry.

Step 2 -Cleaning,toning &Moisturizing

Toning in self makeup


If you have cleanse your face with facewash then you can skip this step. Otherwise clean your face with a deep cleanser. A clean skin will become healthy skin and hence gives a natural Glow. Infact cleansing is one of the most effective way of removing dirt, dust and dead layer of cells from your skin.


This is a process of applying a toner on face after cleansing. Toners are available from numerous brands in the market and come with different varieties as per skin problems and skin types. Natural toners like Rose water and Milk can also work. Toning is quite a vital process as it helps in removing any sort of residual dust,dirt and dead skinleft on the skin after cleansing process.
Most importantly Toning help in restoring Ph balance of skin, hence making it quite hydrated.

Step-by-Step TONING Process:

  • Complete the Cleansing process as explained above
  • Take a cotton wipe & soak toner onto it.
  • Apply this toner soaked cotton all over your face.
  • Avoid it on lips & eyes.
  • Let it dry


Moisturizing is something which majority of people misses especially those with Oily Skin but even oily skin beauties need proper Moisturizing. Moisturizing not only hydrates your skin but also replenishes skin while making it Healthy. Regular & proper Moisturizing restores the natural moisture in your skin and makes it more Supple, Soft & Glowing.

Step-by-Step MOISTURIZING Process:

• During Cleansing & Toning process, skin loses its Natural Moisture, so using a good Moisturizer seals the Moisture back into your skin.
• Clean your hands before applying Moisture on your face.
• Apply Moisture on your face with upward strokes in a circular motion.
• Use apt amount of Moisturizer only; neither less (it will leave your skin dry) nor overdo it (it will make skin oily & hence giving way to pimples & blackheads by clogging pores).
• Do apply the Moisturizer on your Neck too.
Try making CTM Routine a regular routine of your lifestyle if you wish to achieve a Healthy, Soft, Supple and Glowing Skin

Step 3 - Primer

Primer used in Self Makeup

Though many skip applying primer, considering it a non-essential step, taking just a few minutes to add it to your makeup routine can make a huge impact on your finished look.
Primer smooth the surface of your skin, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores, evens your skin tone, and helps your makeup stay put and smudge-free all day. This article will help you choose the right primer and how to apply it properly.

• Take a small amount on your hand start applying from side of your nose and apply all over your face gently.

• Yellowish primer for reddish skin tone.

• Peach tinted primer for pigmented skin tone.
I always prefer using benefit cosmetics The POREfessional Pore Primer to minimize the appearance of pore and oil.

Step 4 - Conceal

Best Concealer for Self Makeup

This is the main and very important step to give your skin and even coverage without concealer, no foundation even it may be the most expensive one can give your makeup a look or coverage.

Before learning the Self makeup course I always applied foundation without concealer which resulted to a uneven tone, depth under my eyes and greyness to some area around my lips and forehead.

• So always apply concealer according to your problem such as for pigment and dark circle – orange concealer.

• For red marks and pimples – green concealer.

• Go slow, and don’t use it all up at once.

I use brush to apply concealer only where needed: around the eyes, on the chin, on the T-Zone, and around the lip and nose.
You can also use your finger tip to apply little concealer

Step 5 -Foundation


We use Foundation as base layer of Self makeup. But when done poorly, it looks too cakey and uneven. So it is essential that you apply this perfectly so that it appear invisible. If you don’t want to use foundation you can either use BB cream also for self makeup techniques. Apply foundation starting at the center of Face : around the nose,the eyes and on forehead. Blend all the foundation in upward direction. I use Brush to apply my foundation. A Beauty blender is best for applying foundation and it provide more even coverage. Make sure to blend the foundation out near the neck, temples and jawline so your makeup doesn’t look overdone.

Step 6 - Set The Makeup

A setting powder is a transclucent powder that help your makeup stay on better. It’s a vital step, it also help in avoiding finger impression on face during makeup and keep makeup last longer. Apply loose powder by a Brush after foundation application and especially under eye which is a step of baking technique

Step 7 - Blush or Bronzer

Get your glow on or fake a rosy tone by applying a little bronzer, or blush. I always use a powder blush in a bright vibrant color. Apply the blush on the apple of cheeks, light touch on chin and nose.

Step 8 - Fill your Eyes & Lips

You know those Youtube tutorial with so many Eyeshadow colors. Don’t get confused, just pick one shade that reflects your outfit or your mood and put it all over eyes and highlight the eyelid and brow bone. FINISH the eye look with liner there are different type of liner shapes can be tried and volumizing mascara.

If you have given darker shade to your eyes, then choose a light or nude lip shade and vice versa. Always cover your entire lip with liner to help lipstick last a lot longer and give a beautiful shape to lip. If you want a glossy or highlighted lip in your self makeup look. You can add a tint of gloss or highlighter on your lip.

Step 9 - Shape your Brows

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I always prefer doing this step in last so that I give a shape to my brows according to my eye look so that it would not look harsh to the face.

Step 10 - Highlighter

You can add highlighter, if it’s a night out and stop here if you are just doing your makeup for a day at office. Highlighting can help your face look more shapely. Use highlight along the bone line, of your nose and cheeks. You can also use on side of your forehead.

Important Tips in Makeup:

  • Do not skimp on your foundation, less is more approach is true most of the time when it comes to foundation.
  •  Avoid dramatic color.
  • Make sure your makeup is waterproof.
  • Always go for long lasting lipshades no matter if is costing you little expensive than usual.

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