This page is one stop destination for color, foundation and makeup techniques, for learning  everything about cool and warm undertone. So, you will learn successfully matching Skin Undertone, underlying tone your foundation knowledge and type of foundation makeup.

 But, first, let’s start with basic foundation knowledge through Color wheel, which is divided into  a WARM and  a COOL side. One half of color wheel is COOL side and other is WARM.


HUE: It can be called color that is completely different from one to other like red is different from the green.    (maximum intensity)

TINT:  Color with white (lighter)

SHADE:  Black is added in any color to make SHADE (darker pigments)

TONE:  GREY is added for subtle look color.

UNDERTONE: That is subtle hue underneath the surface of the skin – cool and warm undertone. 

SKIN TONE: It is the surface skin color which appears to others. Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin present in the uppermost layer of skin.

 Selecting Foundation is based on the Skin Undertone: Warm foundations work with warm undertones; the same is true for cool undertones and cool foundations.

  • Foundation Makeup must be selected according to value; light to dark and according to skin type.
  • We are therefore giving you some Foundation knowledge in Makeup that really help you to find out your foundation according to skin
mac foundation used in warm undertone


checking your vein

If you can see your veins, you may be able to use their color to identify your undertone. For example, if your veins look greenish, then you may have warm undertone. Therefore, people with blue or purplish looking veins usually have cooler undertone. 

skin tanning

If your skin tan very quickly then you probably have Skin With Yellow Undertone (warm) or neutral undertone.
If your skin become so reddish in sun, you might having cool undertone.

Jewellery Preference 

Still confused, for Foundation selection In Makeup then think about Jewellery preference..

If you look good in silver or platinum you can come in category of cool under tone. And those with warm undertone i.e Skin With Warm Undertone, look great in gold jewellery. Neutral undertone are luckiest they look superb in both.

Check skin behind your Ear 

Before foundation application, ask someone to check color on back of your ear – yellowish or pale means Warm undertone(Skin With Yellow Undertone), pink or rosy means Cool undertone if the person is confused or unable to judge it means you have Neutral undertone.

If you have neutral undertone,then your veins may appear colorless or match your skin color.

  • If we have cool undertone then we should select pinkish tint foundations.
  • If we have warm undertone, we should choose yellow or golden tone foundations.
  • In short Cool undertone always look pinkish or ruddy and they should go for pink tint foundation like KAREENA KAPOOR and KATRINA KAIF.
  • Warm undertone ,Skin With Yellow UnderTone there skin look yellowish like AISHWARYA RAI.
  • Neutral undertone there skin color is mirror for there undertone like KIARAADVANI.

Tips to Choose your foundation Makeup

  • Go with no makeup look, it mean with bare faced.
  • Never ever swatch and try your foundation on your wrist area it’s a totally wrong method which is being used in small town areas.
  • Always try your foundation in between your mid cheek area to your jawline, also not bring to your neck area.
  • Try three shades at once that is a shade lighter to your skin, exact shade and a shade darker to your skin.
  • Take your time, it’s no shame to take a longer time as you are investing your money to choose your shade because no store exchange product back or refund your money if you regret your shade after coming to home.
  • There are so many foundation available in the store with labeling like P, C OR N. You can select foundation according to your undertone. if you have neutral undertone you can chose foundation according to that like I uses MAC NC-25 for my skin. This labeling make foundation selection very  easy for you.


LIGHT skintone – in European countries girls generally have light and very light tone.

Medium – large number of Asian women have medium undertone with potential olive undertone.

Dark  skintone – Darker skin color can also be reason of Hyper pigmentation

All brand  manufacture Foundation According To Skin Tone which come with listing and labelled as LIGHT, MEDIUM AND DARK so this is not at all confusing, you can choose from wide range just you need to know your skin type and skin undertone. With right Foundation knowledge and foundation techniques in makeup you can easily achieve a flawless and long lasting makeup look. 



ACNE is a major concern for you , I will recommend high coverage and sweat proof foundation and use primer OR ice  before applying foundation. This foundation technique is best for oily skin.


Use  a foundation which is made for dry skin or opt for Liquid foundation application with light coverage or any luminous, hydrated foundation.


For those who have very dry skin can apply lot of moisturizer  before foundation application. Avoid excess use of powder and matte foundation it will make your face cakey . Go for foundation that suggest “ hydrating and luminous” written on the packaging.


You can combine your foundation if you have time, matte foundation on T-Zone area and hydrating foundation on rest of the face if you have basic foundation knowledge in makeup, you can easily go with this foundation trick.


You should always go for matte foundation from light to medium coverage. While applying foundation use sponge avoid using fingers. Pick a foundation that has oil free, oil control or mattifying mention on it. Liquid foundation are universal. If you want to go for total matte look then go for powder foundation while choosing a foundation.


You should always use dermatological toner before applying foundation. Stay away from too heavy and fragrance based products. There is only one thumb rule for sensitive skin is “less is more”. Try a sheer foundation or hypoallergenic foundation that are mineral based while selecting your foundation. Use sponge and brushes that are totally sterilized or clean.

maybelinne foudation used in warm undertone


I am sure it happened with all of us once in lifetime or even many times. When we searched internet for foundation techniques. foundation tips and tricks – because of incorrect foundation selection we made our makeup look worst. And we end up looking dark after sometime of foundation application.

When we applied any foundation our face look dark or change color after sometime. This is because ph balance get disturbed after going in contact with some oxides present in foundation – chemistry of our skin with foundation and exposure to air.

Second reason if you choose a darker foundation. 

Sometimes you select a foundation which is two more shade darker than you needed. It happens because of wrong advice and foundation knowledge given by sales representative in the store. Foundation Makeup is naturally formulated with lot of  red and yellow pigments and if its too dark it will make your face too orange that of your natural skin so you should go with more fairer color foundations or you can  go for custom mix.

Solution To Foundation  Problem 

The Best Foundation Makeup Techniques are here…

  • Buy foundation a lighter shade in company those foundation get oxizidized. I don’t prefer MAC for everyone because in my opinion it get oxidized.
  • Next if you already noticed effect on your face you can correct it with lighter concealer on some  highlighted areas.
  • Third ,if you choose foundation with incorrect undertone consequently your face look dark after sometime.
  • Solution for this there are so many foundation available in the store with labeling like P, C OR N. So, you can select foundation according to your undertone. And if you have neutral undertone you can chose foundation according to that, like I uses MAC NC-25 for my skin. This labeling make foundation selection very  easy for you. 


It is a misconception that foundation application can work as a sunscreen or sunblock, as amount of foundation that has been used for makeup cannot take place of a sunscreen. Above all if you want to protect your skin from sun during outside day function, for the reason that you have to apply sunblock cream before applying your makeup.

This BLOG will be really help you in SELF MAKEUP techniques and we will be regularly sharing with you all makeup tips, beauty and wellness in order to make your world more beautiful so STAY WITH US and SUBSCRIBE US. 


THANKS For Reading. Hope this would be helpful to you. Comment below your response and any other topics you would like me to introduced.


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