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International Bridal Makeup Artist

My Story

A Passionate and a Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Indirapuram.

My aim is to make every woman feel truly Gorgeous!

 Make-up is my passion and after 10 years as a highly renowned PRO Make-up artist, I am delighted to share all my experience, beauty hacks, and more. 

Art of Makeup is something that fascinated me. Generally, I always surrounded by brushes, canvas, and colors in walls painting and workshops.


So, I found out that I usually have an innate sense of creativity that discovered my true calling and passion for a different type of makeup after my marriage. 

Furthermore, When I started doing makeup, I usually get praises which encouraged me to pursue a carrier in the beauty industry. Also, My family and friends started asking me to do their makeover.  I started getting appreciation for my makeup skills. However, Then, I started taking professional courses from several experts, such as Eurochrome (KRYLON), L.S.M.A, CYRUS Mathew, etc. I not only being trained under renowned international makeup artists but also learn the ways they taught which gave me a sense of confidence…

 Finally, Today I get an overwhelming feeling that is extremely magical in nature because whenever I see my brides trustful and choose me for their special day. I think it is such a big honor to create the ultimate glamorous look for someone with the Best Makeup, Awesome Hair Style  and Counselling on the most important day of their life.

 Shalinni Seyth is one of the PRO-make-up specialists and the Best Bridal Makeup Artist In Indirapuram and Finally is accessible worldwide for design, using high-quality products and wedding gatherings. She can turn you into the most outstanding shape of you, whatever your style will transform you into the most excellent form of yourself.

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