Here’s the Ultimate Makeup List For Girls of 14 products that every girl should have in her MAKEUP BAG.

Let’s start with looking at this Makeup List For Girls and Brides.


1. Go Darker for a Bolder Look

When you’re choosing a lip liner, it doesn’t need to be the exact same shade, it really depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. For a more dramatic, defined, and sexy lip, then you can go one or two shades deeper than your lipstick. But stick to the same shade family for Subtle and Soft look -Which brings us on to tip two…

2. Always Go for the Same Color Family

If there’s one rule we really recommend sticking to, it’s to always choose a lip liner in the same color family as your lipstick. For example, if your lipstick has purple undertones, choose a lip liner that also has purple undertones. If you’re using red lipstick, use a red lip liner, as a pink liner would clash – so although the liner and lipstick don’t need to be identical, it should be in the same shade family.

3. Find Your Perfect Nude

If lip liner is new to you, but you have tons of different lipstick shades, then find your perfect nude shade. Essentially, this means finding a lip liner that’s the exact same shade as your lips. Take a look at your lips: do they have red, pink, brown, or purple undertones? Find a lip liner that looks identical and use this as a base for other lipsticks that aren’t too similar to your natural lip color.

Lip Balm

It helps soothe dry and chapped lips while keeping them protected from both UVA and UVB rays. The broad-spectrum SPF offers protection for upto two hours, while the balm’s petrolatum and lanolin ingredients are used to hydrate and heal your lips

Eye Shadow Pallete

A wise girl knows her Limit and very beautiful she can choose all Product In Makeup List which includes Eye Shadow Palette as there are so many varieties available to confuse clients.

Before you choose your palette, you would like to make certain of the feel and therefore the sort of eyeshadow you want.

  • You can choose between matte, mineral, shimmer, metallic, or maybe cream eyeshadow palettes.
  • Matte is flat with no sparkle or shine and is fairly long-lasting. It’s especially an honest choice for all you oily skinned beauties out there.
  • Mineral eyeshadows are made up of strictly natural mineral components; this property makes mineral eyeshadows an honest choice for the skin and will be ideal for the sensitive, allergy- prone skin.
  • Shimmer and metallic are for those that want to party into the wee hours of the night.
  • Cream eyeshadows hold on for extended and are better for dry skin.


There Are Three Basic Types of Eyeliner:

Whether you choose pencil, gel or liquid, each has its own special application and skill level. An Eyeliner Pencil is the most common (and easiest) type and perfect for an everyday look. One of the biggest mistakes people make is not regularly sharpening their pencils. In addition to keeping them clean and bacteria-free, sharpening your pencil ensures you can get your line as close to your lash line as humanly possible. 

On the other hand Gel Eyeliner, typically comes in a pot and is applied with a brush.One drawback is that unlike pencils, which are good to the last sharpening, gels are housed in pots and can dry out faster than other formulas.

The most advanced liners are the Liquid Category. They can be unforgiving if you make mistakes, but once you master for proper application, these inky beauties are unparalleled at creating cat-eyes and other dramatic eye shapes.


Moisturizing Reduces Skin Problems – Moisturizing everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful for skin and cause common skin conditions like acne. Conceals Other Skin Blemishes – Using a daily moisturizer ensures that the skin’s blemishes are camouflaged.

However the right Makeup List For Bride and Girls ensure that you are carrying all the product needed to complete your desired look while going to party.


Toners are often misunderstood and most of the people don’t know if they need to use it or the thanks to use it. Before moisturizing and following your facial cleanser, a face toner could also be a fast, absorbing liquid that helps to correct and balance the pH of your skin, and helps control acne. In other words, a facial toner effectively cleans the skin and helps remove built up surface dead skin cells. By helping to shut pores, it’s especially beneficial for acne-prone skin.


For a natural look, choose a blush with an equivalent undertone as your skin. If you would like a bold looking blush, pick one with the other undertone as your skin. Therefore, If you have a warm skin tone (a yellow undertone), choose warm blush shade for a natural look and a cool blush shade for a pop of color.


Shade C3.5, mentioned in image is for FAIR skin. 

Foundation is strictly what its name suggests: the bottom upon which you’ll build your entire makeup look.

To break it down simply, foundation may be a cosmetic that provide a good finish to the skin. Each product is different, and it’s important to know those differences so you’ll find the simplest match for you. Every Girl pride themselves to include a high Quality Foundation in her Makeup List For Bride while arranging her vanity.

Brushes & Sponge

While applying a product from the bottle to the face, use a brush.
While trying to blend set deposited product seamlessly into the skin, use a sponge.
Sponges are good for pressing a product in after you’ve got deposited it on the skin with a brush.

Eyelash Curler

Full, thick eyelashes are a really desirable trait. you’ll make your eyelashes look longer, fuller, and thicker by using an eyelash curler. These are typically metal tools that have clamps. Every Girl relates to this Makeup List For Bride.


Start together with your bottom lashes when putting on your mascara. Otherwise, your top lashes will smudge once you look down. When doing all of your top lashes, look straight ahead and place your wand at the bottom of your lashes. “Don’t pump the wand in and out of the bottle,” “This pushes air into the tube, which can make the mascara dry out faster, causing clumping and flaking.” this is often the incorrect way.

“Instead, gently twist the wand back and forth or in circular motions to select up the specified amount of product,” advises Shalinni, like so


It gives matte to semi matte finish,best used for combination to oily skin. It feel weightless due to their air-like texture. Compact powder- it’s an excellent mattifying agent, it has to be applied on top of your liquid or creamy foundation in order that it’ll not settle into fine lines or slump your face.

There is a Difference between Compact And Loose Powder. I must tell you they are sisters not twins, to understand the differnce you may like our Next Article.

Setting Powder

“Setting powders are loose powders that contain ingredients like talc and silica, which help keep ‘wet’ products (like liquid or cream foundations and concealers) in place while preventing excess oil production. 

Makeup Remover

MAKEUP REMOVER It is a very important step in Makeup List For Girl to remove makeup before going to bed – it can cause extensive damage to your skin during the night. … As most makeup is made of oily substances, when it stays on for the next day, it clogs your pores and leads to the appearance of more acne and blackhead breakouts. It can cause your skin to age more rapidly.

Hopefully, the above Makeup List For Girl and Bride suits your need. Comment your feedback😊 and let us know If you wish to mention some other products that fit into this category, kindly drop your suggestion in the comment box below.



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