Salon Requirements - Refrain From Beauty Services

Though the parlor you visit claim to be sanitized one cannot be sure of other clients, so it’s better to avoid services for some days. Everyone can try color at home, easy facial steps at home, and Eyebrows At Home. After all Guidelines For Salon  During COVID-19 and Experts advice on how Customer and about Salon Requirements In Coronavirus can help in setting up for Re-opening Of Salon. Beauty Salon Requirements have been put into place in order to ensure Safety For Salon And Customers

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Still necessity of Beauty Services

  • As Salon Customer Services are our basic requirement and we can’t avoid, we should  Take Salon Precaution While Visiting Salon.
  • Do not forget to wear a Mask And Gloves before going out, especially a public place like a salon. Make sure to cover your mouth and nose whichever mask is available surgical or cotton mask.
  • Ensure to Leave your belonging Coat, Shopping bag, etc back in a car or at home, sanitize your mobile phone with a tissue or if possible avoid taking with you.
  • Take your water bottle, towel, comb, and tissue if possible with you.
  • If any salon staff hasn’t wear Gloves and Mask kindly request them to wear.
  • Salon Customer should pay extra for PPE KIT and other equipment as a Safety Precaution measure needed In A Beauty Salon Services during COVID-19.
  • While taking Massage or Facial, ask your beautician to open a new kit in front of you.
  • Maintain a distance from staff, this is a must Salon Requirements As A Safety Precaution In  A Beauty Salon.
  • Make Sure to sanitize your hand after getting out of the salon. As you reached your home take a shower and wash your hand for 20 seconds before doing any household chore or touching anything.
Staff Combing The Hair

Salon Requirements During Covid 19

Salons, Spa and Wellness centers are planning strict Salon Requirements For Customer In Salon  During COVID 19. We have gathered some very important information which you may consider over the next few weeks and months. Just because Business Needs To Shut Down due to Lockdown, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working and face a crisis. But still, Salon Precaution and other Requirements amidst Coronavirus should be everyone’s first priority. Here are some Safety Guidelines  and Salon Regulation For Health And Safety In Beauty Salon Enviorment, which all Salon should follow During COVID 19.

  • Complete Salon Sanitation, Deep Cleaning and maintaining Salon Safety Checklist.
  •  Salons should ensure all gowns, towels, equipment, chair, table, and doors handles, etc are sanitized after every use for Safety In The Salon.
  • Replace the bathroom towel with Disposable hand towels and stick a notice on the mirror to throw a towel in the bin within the bathroom.
  • Hand Sanitizer is situated around the salon and the staff is specially appointed to sanitize the client’s hands at the entrance and do THERMAL SCANNING.
  • For Salon Customer Services make sure to include single-use product kit, water bottle, gloves, napkin, and towels, etc
  • Keep all chairs and service station at distance, All staff should be provided with Sanitisation List For Salon.
  • Offer a limited amount of services in beginning, reduce availability take only one or two clients at the same time.
  • Special Customer Service Training should be given in Beauty Salon.
  • Add more time in between appointments to allow deep cleaning and sanitizing for Health And Safety In A Beauty Salon Enviorment.
  • Stay connected with your clients by social media, newsletters, in-person or through message


  • Give all your clients to fill a form declaring their travel and health history which can be helpful for you if any problem arise
  • PPE Personal protective gears and equipment given to all employee and a charge for the same will be included in customer service

Digital Service

  • Introducing the Digital MENU And PAYMENT system in the salon is must Beauty Salon Requirements.
  • Online system to book an appointment, allow one client at one time by limiting appointment and client friends who accompany them.
  • Give better Salon Customer Service by sending regular updates through Social Media Services, Newsletters, Emails, and Automated messages.
  • Attract clients by offering some promotional deals and E-coupons to encourage their visit, is really needed.

Personal Protective Equipment

PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE)  is most important in preventing transmission of coronavirus and a must Safety Precaution In A Salon. It is not only important in a treatment center but also for various other activities where personal contact is needed and Salon is one of them, as salon and staff will need to be protected and prepared.

World Health Organisation (WHO) has provided relevant information for Health And Safety In  Beauty Salon Environment which includes Infection Prevention, Hand Hygiene And Personal Protective Equipments like:-

  • MASK
  • GOWN

How to Use And Remove

After applying hand sanitizer, completely cover all the surfaces and rigorously rub till dry.

Next, wear your disposable gown and put on your surgical mask, after putting on mask wear your goggles or face shield and in last wear gloves and shoe cover.

PPE should be removed in the following sequence:-

  • Gloves
  • Faceshield
  • Mask
  • Headcover
  • Gown

The hand should be sanitized or washed after the removal of PPE.
Mask should be removed by pulling strings away from the side of the face.

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